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Hi Marvinator you have a PM

Author Bigal

#1 | Posted: 7 Sep 2016 11:24 
Hi good -one how about telling them your bank made a simple mistake and changed the third and fourth number around so if they go to the bank again and just swap numbers around you are sure they will get the money othis time --(one more trip to the bank) go get em Big Al

nice pic shivers i like the stuffed mugu with the carrot nose! one of your victims skinned and stuffed no doubt! go get em Big Al

Hi shivers just thought how about telling your lad you have had the drawing seen by an art critic who loves it and wants him and other artists to send a lot of drawings to put into an art gallery where he is sure they will fetch a lot of money and you will share the takings with him? sort of like a 419 in reverse? and see if you can get him to spend more money in postage etc ? go get em Big Al

Hi you could ask him for references for his stud duties ,and send a medical certificate to prove he is free from disease upto you whether you get any pics to prove himself capable Big Al

Hi marvinator you have a pm thanks Big Al Hi Marvinator thanks for the billboard superb work as usual i have just sent to lad with a very srong letter so we will see what he comes back with go get em Big Al

Hi Marvinator got a reply from the lad who got your billboard pic he is in total confusion and even tried to suggest that the fake lad and myself were messing around with his name ,what a slap that earned him so overall it has worked really well thank you for your time and skill in doing this for me .it really makes a difference when a lad gets a pic that looks so profeesional .ok enough bull back to the drawing board  Big Al ps you have a pm

Hi Marvinator after reading some of the posts it seems that the lads do not like being called "dancing monkeys" maybe because they like to think that they are the ones who are pulling the strings so of course this got me thinking about a pic of a dancing monkey maybe with baiters? pulling the strings attached ,the toy monkeys that bang a pair of cymbels together comes to mind as they seem to me to have an african look about them -any ideas? -comments welcome from other baiters as well thanks Big Al

Hi Marvinator I have a lad who is pretending to be a sister and keeps sending me e-mails full of 'remain blessed' and blessings on you" this really pisses me off so i wondered if you wanted to get her a billboard made up same as harrisons as she has fallen from the path and gone into porn but she does not know it yet ! when she does I have asked the good father "big ted " to show her the error of her ways -should be great .interested?? thanks Big Al
(+10) Soylent Green: Totally there, old chap. Toodle pip.

Author SevenDragons

#2 | Posted: 15 Sep 2016 23:32 
Be careful, DeMasturbator and the other jackboots might be reading your PMs hoping to get victim information so they can send inspirational songs
(+10) Soylent Green: Totally there, old chap. Toodle pip.

Author Biggest Al


#3 | Posted: 9 Dec 2016 20:22 
I sent an inspirational song to someone once. She was going to kill her self, then she didn't when she heard the song, then I stole all her money lol loser
(+10) Soylent Green: Totally there, old chap. Toodle pip.

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